Liens vers des sites Japonais


Les sites sélectionnés sont en anglais ou en japonais. Pour visualiser la version japonaise,
il faut avoir les caractères kanji dans son micro.
Il existe un utilitaire qui affiche les caractères en Japonais, Coréen ou Chinois sur
votre micro-ordinateur (NJWIN version PC ou Mac ). Vous pouvez télécharger NJWIN 1.20
à l'adresse suivante pour pouvoir surfer sur les serveurs Japonais en caratères Japonais.


  1. Internet (Council on East Asian Libraries)
  2. Internet Service Providers in Japan (TN)
  3. Internet Service Providers in Japan (Japan InterSEARCH)
  4. Accessing Japanese Character Text on the Internet
  5. Japanese Home Pages for an 'Almost' Total Novice (Japan Gateway) - For those novice users who would like to prepare their own Home Pages in Japanese.
  6. Japanese on the Web (Japan Web Guide) - Introduction to reading Japanese on the Web, and offers a brief tutorial on how to create your own Japanese language web page.
  7. Netscape for Mac and WWW servers in Japan (Gateway to Japan)
  8. B.H. Far's HTML & CGI Introduction Course - Japanese only FAQ
  9. Japanese Internet Services FAQ
  10. Japan Internet Service Provider FAQ
  11. Japanese Internet Access Providers FAQ
  12. Japanese Computer Digest (ComStar Homepage)
  13. Practical Japanese Computing Page (East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW)
  14. Japanese on Computers (SEAS)
  15. How to Display Japanese Characters on Screen (University of California, Berkeley)
  16. Quickstart for Using Japanese on Athena Windows
  17. Using Japanese with a PC Running English Windows
  18. The Japanese Language Kit for Windows 3.1
  19. NJStar Japanese Word Processor v4.0 for Windows 95


  1. Art & Culture (SUNSITE)
  2. Culture (AIST Home Page) - Music
  3. Culture (Daruma)
  4. Culture (Karlsruhe) - Museum, Movie, Music, Art, Architecture etc.
  5. Culture (SEAS)
  6. Culture (Japan Web Navigator)
  7. Culture (Japan Related Web Links)
  8. A Guide to Japanese Culture
  9. Japanese Culture (TN)
  10. A Paper Folding Project
  11. - The Magazine of Japanese Populare Culture


  1. Japanese English Advertising Slogans
  2. You've Been In Japan Too Long When...
  3. Things Foreigners Can Do to Embarrass Themselves and Others (APICNET)
  4. Who Says Japanese People Don't Kiss? (APICNET)


  1. Living Guide JAPAN (Japan Window)
  2. Living in Japan (TN)
  3. Living and Working in Japan (Japan Web Guide) - About visiting Japan, working with the Japanese, job hunting in Japan etc.
  4. Hints for day-to-day living in Japan (KAO)
  5. Surviving in Japan
  6. Raising Kids in Japan (APINCET)
  7. Postal Service - Post Office Guide (Tokai Postal Services Bureau)
  8. HomeQuest Tokyo - Up-to-date Tokyo real-estate listings
  9. Sanwa Real Estate - Living in Tokyo, Renting in Tokyo


  1. Asiaweek Newsmap: Japan
  2. Japan Free Press
  3. The Japan Times
  4. Newsgroup
  5. Japanese News - Newsgroup (Yamada home page)
  6. Japanese News on the Web (TN)
  7. Media - Print, Broadcast, Online (Japan Web Guide)


  1. Geography (A.I.S.T. Home Page)
  2. Japan Map (Japan Window)
  3. Japan Sightseeing Links (Tokyo Food Page)
  4. Regions & Cities (Japan Information Network)
  5. Regional Events Calendar (Japan Window)
  6. Regional Information (SEAS)
  7. Recional Information in Japan (Michiyo's Home Page)
  8. Regional Interest in Japan (TN)
  9. Travel and Places (CEAL)




  1. Japanese Language (TN)
  2. Japanese Language Information - General Info, Japanese Character
  3. Japanese Language Learning Materials and Classroom Aids
  4. Japanese Language Learning Web
  5. Language (SEAS)
  6. Japanese Language Information Files
  7. Linguistics and Human Languages:Languages:Japanese (Yahoo)
  8. Quick & Dirty Guide to Japanese Grammar
  9. Dialect List in Japan



  1. English <-> Japanese Dictionaries (Japanese Language Information Files)
  2. Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary
  3. Kenkyusha Dictionaries - Readers English-Japanese and New English <-> Japanese - Japanese
  4. Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary - Gateway - Main (Japan), Mirror (Canada East Coast), Mirror (U.S. West Coast)
  5. Jeffrey's Kanji Lookup - Main (Japan), Mirror (U.S.), Mirror (Canada)
  6. Japanese Calligraphy



  1. Travelers' Japanese with Voice (NTT)
  2. Japanese Dcitionary (Land of the Rising Sun)
  3. Japanese-Online
  4. The Japanese Language (MIT)
  5. Beginner Level Japanese Course Schedule (3 Web)
  6. A Byte of Japanese



  1. BayWare, Inc. - Power Japanese
  2. Dialect Web - On-line source for Japanese language learning and productivity tools
  3. Do NihonGo/ Fundamental Japanese Course - Interactive software for the beginning and lower intermediate level of Japanese learning students.
  4. Fujitsu Software Corporation: Language Support
  5. Japanese Educational Language Software
  6. Kanji-Flash Softworks
  7. Neocor Technologies - Japanese language software for PC's
  8. Pacific Software Publishing
  9. Apropos Smart Characters - Use your PC to master Japanese


  1. Page Perso Fumiko
  2. Japan Gopher Sites
  3. Networks in Japan
  4. Personal Home Pages (TN)
  5. Personal Home Pages in Japan (Michiyo's Home Page)
  6. Tomigaya
  7. URL Index for WWW Servers in Japan
  8. URL Square
  9. WWW Servers in Japan (NTT)
  10. World Wide Web Sites in Japan (CEAL)


  1. German-Japanese Society Karlsruhe
  2. Japan-America Society of Connecticut
  3. The Japan & America Society of Hawaii
  4. The Japanese Association of MIT


  1. Books and Magazines (Japan Related Web Links)
  2. The slj alternative FAQ Books Page - Opinions and advice about books and other learning materials for foreign students of the Japanese language.
  3. Japanese Bookstores (Japan Resource)
  4. TRC WWW Server - Taking orders from you via e-mail or on the Net
  5. Boston Book Company
  6. Sasuga Japanese Bookstore - Boston, MA
  7. Mangajin's Editorial Page
  8. Japan-Related Magazines (Japan Resource)


  1. Yahoo Japan
  2. Using Japanese with a PC
  3. Web-browsing in Japanese
  5. Unsound
  6. japan underground
  8. Neuro Net des heures de techno made in japan
  9. SHINYA TSUKAMOTO/le réalisateur de TETSUO I et II
  10. Calligraphie
  11. Cybermod in japan
  12. NHK
  13. Quotidien en ligne The Japan Times Online
  14. Inter FM
  15. Cyberjapan's
  16. Neo tokyo
  17. Japan Window
  18. Electric Geisha
  20. Snow Boar in Japan
  21. godzilla
  22. WC
  23. Yakuza
  24. Chemical Blow Job!(pour les fans de nylon)
  25. Sunday Punchers Homepage
  26. tokyo rockin (city life)
  27. tokyo live cam
  28. Outdoor Cams in Japan
  29. Monty Fuji cam
  30. Cyberpassage
  31. Daruma
  32. East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW: Japanese Studies
  33. Information about Japan (APICNET)
  34. Information about Japan (SUNSITE)
  35. Informative and Useful Japanese-Related Internet Links (Kanji's Japanese Home Page)
  36. Internet Resouces (Austin Japan Association)
  37. JALAN - Glimpse the exquisite beauty of Japan's countryside
  38. Japan (Council on East Asian Libraries)
  39. Japan (Asia Online)
  40. Japan (Galaxy)
  41. Japan (Yahoo)
  42. Japan Access
  43. Japan Information (NCC)
  44. Japan Information Network
  45. Japan Links
  46. Japan, my Japan! - A Guide to Japan
  47. J.O.Y - Japanese Open Yellowpage
  48. Japan-Related Information Servers (University of California, Berkeley)
  49. Japan Related Web Links (School of East Asian Studies)
  50. Japan Related Web Links Index (Taki Naruto)
  51. The Japan Resource Page (CultureWave)
  52. Japan Station
  53. Japan Web Guide
  54. Japan Window Home Page
  55. Japanese or Japan-Related Web Sites (US-Japan Center)
  56. Japanese Information (NTT)
  57. J-Entertainment
  58. The Kaleidoscope of Japan
  59. The Kas Osaka Home Page
  60. Michiyo's Home Page - Guide to Japanese information
  61. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Home Page
  62. National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies
  63. NTT Home Page
  64. Soc.culture.Japan References
  65. Wahoo! Links for Japanese Living Abroad (Katsushi Okada's Homepage)
  66. X Guide (Stanford University)


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